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DRL550AUTO Daytime Running Lights

Current UK and EU legislation decrees that all new cars are to be fitted with Day Time Running Lights to improve vehicle visibility and driver awareness which will increase road safety.
UK Road Legal

Our LED Spot Lights are drilled into the bumper and can be individually placed allowing endless opportunities for placement.

They are available with the housings in 4 colour options, matt black, gloss black, silver or white.


  • lifetime parts warranty
  • Can be individually placed, do not have to be in a straight line
  • Supplied with positioning stickers
  • Automatically switches off when headlights come on, so you don't dazzle other drivers at night
  • Individual, bright and long life LED lights:1~20 pcs
  • Creating your light patterns and make your car look special
  • Universal for all vehicles(12-24V), cars, trucks,caravans & motorcles etc.
  • Energy saving design: 5~10W
  • Connect directly to battery(+), avoid CANBUS interference, easy installation
  • Color: Silver/ White/ Matt Black/ Gloss Black optional
  • E-mark certificate
  • Waterproof fuse
  • Waterproof IP67

The LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL), are designed to be mounted in the front bumper of a vehicle, and are designed to make the vehicle more noticeable in daytime driving conditions.

Kit Contents

  • 2 x sets of 5 lights (10 lights in total)
  • 1 x ECU
  • 1 x DRL Cabling Set
  • 12 x Positioning Stickers
  • 1 x Hole Saw
Daytime Running Lights

Essential Points

  • The DRL's will only turn on when the vehicles engine is running
  • The DRL's will turn off when the vehicles sidelights are on, or the vehicles engine is off
  • When fitting, make sure the red wire to the ECU is energised (+12v)
  • Make sure the black wire is earthed to a good chassis point

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