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Dolphin RV1 Cam

The Dolphin RV1 Cam was created by Dolphin who specialise in after market automotive products. The Dolphin Road Vision RV1 camera works well at night as well as in the day.

Dolphin Box
Whats in the box

As with other cameras optimum recording can be achieved by keeping the camera lens clean. The unit needs to be installed in the car so that the lens ifacing out of the front windscreen (please note that the use of a tinted part of the windscreen will cause loss of image quality.

It is also worh noting that the SD card should not be removefrom the unit within 10 seconds of product power down as in this time the unit will be recording data to the SD card still.

l Product exchange or return will only be accepted on un-opened or defective products


Upon power up the product starts booting and the LEDs come on, at this point recording has started.

When the product senses impact, the recording continues for an additional 
10 seconds. This additional 10 seconds of recording is saved separately as an
event file

The most recently recorded items will be retained in the memory overwriting older files as the momory card becomes full

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